Are you looking for a mentor?


  • Are you a new school social work professional seeking advice, support and/or information from an experienced social worker in your field?

  • Are you a social work student who would like to learn more about an area of social work?

  • Are you a social worker who is switching your area of practice and need some pointers?


If so, SSWAG’s Mentoring Program can help you!  Contact us and we will send you a list of SSWAG members who have agreed to serve as mentor contacts.  Once you receive the list you can contact the individual who you would like to serve as your mentor.  If you have any questions about the Mentor Program, please contact 


The SSWAG Mentoring Program Overview

The purpose of the SSWAG Mentoring Program is to provide early career school social workers and social workers returning to the field after taking time off with opportunities to connect with experienced clinical and macro professionals who are committed to fostering their personal and professional growth. The SSWAG Mentoring Program is not supervision. This mentor program is a service provided by SSWAG members who wish to offer support in the development of colleagues who seek the guidance of seasoned colleagues. The program is intended to help the mentee identify with the profession and provide opportunities to discuss job-related issues, resumes and career concerns, licensure and testing, as well as dealing with the challenges and demands of the social work profession. Mentorship is a purposeful, conscious, and voluntary relationship. Participants are expected to uphold the principles and standards put forth by the NASW code of Ethics.

The SSWAG Mentoring Program is a one year commitment. If a mentee or a mentor would like to continue to participate in the mentor program after the one year has ended, please notify the SSWAG mentoring program chair at  Mentoring meetings can take place face to face, but meetings may also be done over the phone or through videoconference.  Once the mentee commits to participate in the program, the program chair will send a list of all participating mentors.  The mentee is responsible for initiating contact with the mentor.  The mentor makes the decision about how many mentees they can mentor.  If the mentor has reached their targeted amount please refer the mentee back to the program chair. 



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Are you an experienced school social work professional with an expertise that you are willing to share with a social work student, new social work professional or social work colleague?  The SSWAG Mentor Program is designed to provide a mentoring contact for social work students, new school social work professionals, school social workers moving to GA, and social workers switching their area of practice to school social work.  Mentors are SSWAG members with anexpertise who are willing to be contacted via email or phone from a mentor listed compiled by the SSWAG mentoring committee.

If you are willing to serve as a SSWAG mentor please contact Jackie M. Brown, Chair of SSWAG mentoring committee via email at